Stephens ... dedicated to a high level of service from start to finish

For more than 20 year Stephens has dedicated its team to meeting the needs of our clients who rely on superior tank trailers, transporters and other vehicle beds to meet the demands of their jobs. Using a high level of design and manufacturing expertise we fabricate parts, components and trailers that keep our clients on the road.

As the industry grew so did we ... offering custom fabrication and complete trailer repair and refurbishing services, providing the same level of commitment to customer service, turning out high quality tank trailers, beds, transporters and more.

Our story may start like so many others, but we can assure you the end result of a Stephens designed and built trailer is like nothing you've ever taken on the road.

From simple repairs or custom parts fabrication to complete trailer design, repairs or refurbishing, Stephens is dedicated to delivering the very best so your deliveries stay on time and on budget.

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