Committed to exceeding the needs of our clients

What began as a custom fabrication operation in 1994 soon grew to begin meeting the demands of overland haulers who needed high quality tank trailers and custom fittings and components. Since then Stephens has designed and built tank trailers, Ejecto bodies, portable magazines and other transporters for haulers doing business in a variety of industries.

Customers come to Stephens for standard size equipment, and then return when custom capacity haulers are needed. Our clients know they can count on Stephens for a quality product.

With an unmatched eye for precision, Stephens designs and fabricates a variety of tank trailers and transporters, as well as custom parts and components to meet even strictest specifications. Stephens applies that same commitment to quality in everything we offer, including:

  •  Custom tank trailer design & assembly
  •  DOT 406 & DOT 407 design & assembly
  •  Dry bulk/Pneumatic trailer design
  •  Ejecto body manufacturing
  •  Vacuum tanks & other transporters
  •  Complete inventory of parts and components
  •  Precision fabrication of custom parts
  •  Complete tank trailer repair services

Our “open door” policy enables every client to visit our facility anytime to witness the design, fabrication or repair process in action. The high level of expertise is what sets Stephens apart from the competition, and we put that expertise on display for all to see. Come check it out for yourself.

Contact Us to discuss design specs, schedule a visit or learn more about the Stephens commitment to quality and service. We are confident your experience will exceed expectations.